Chris Douglas came on to the scene in 1992 with the futuristic Basilar EP, pressed by the same plant that put out a large chunk of the early Detroit Techno. In the timeline of experimental electronic music with a dance floor bent, the Basilar EP is an important stepping stone for genres that only later had names like 'I.D.M.'

In 1995 Chris intended to release a harsh, sparse, yet ambient beat work called 'Fimt' on Jonah Sharp/Space Time Continuum's label 'Reflective records'. They knew each other from both residing in the San Francisco bay area. Rumor has it that it was decided that Chris' music was 'too dark' so Chris rightfully decided to sit on 'Fimt' until a more appreciative label came his way. Even though the full length didn't work out their relationship produced a Space Time Continuum remix album featuring O.S.T. entitled 'rEMIT rECAPS'. Some suspect that Autechre got a glimpse of O.S.T.  at this time for they also did a Space Time Continuum remix on the same LP. Then Phthalo Records took notice to O.S.T.'s peculiar way of composing electronic music and within just over a year they had released 5 O.S.T. limited edition CDs.  After Phthalo, Chris moved on to Emanate where he released the ground breaking LP 'Deflect'. The final track on Deflect 'Belin' was a barrage of noisy and sometimes random-seeming beats but strewn with beautiful floating melodies. It was a clue of things to come not only for O.S.T.'s own music but for electronic beat music as a whole.

In April of 2002, O.S.T. appeared as an opening act for Autechre, at their request, during their Confield Tour. Following these events, O.S.T. saw to it that his final full length was released on his own label Qlipothic titled  'Seimlste'. Seimlste was the first exposure Robbie of RLR had to O.S.T. He was quite taken by its fine balance between noise and discernable rhythmic electronic music. Coincidentally, around this same time 'Fimt' was finally released by Isolate Records, ran by Wai Cheng.  Isolate records had also just appeared on Robbie's radar at the time, only time would show that by late 2004 Fluorescent Grey would also signed to Isolate for the release 'Lying on the floor mingling with god' . After Wai's untimely death in 2006, Chris had an album intended for release on Isolate Records that was without a home. After much deliberation between Chris and Robbie, eventually it was agreed to release it on Record Label Records. In Robbie's words 'it is the best thing Chris has done, an amazing full length'

The O.S.T. moniker is now deceased, and Chris Douglas will continue under various other names such as Dalglish and Rook Valard. Most recently Chris has done a collaborative DVD with visual art group Transforma, titled SYNKEN. Also out now is 'Otjohr' a free digital full length under the Dalglish moniker. Stay tuned in January for the upcoming Dalglish/O.S.T./Chris Douglas full length CD on Record Label Records.



Dalglish - Ideom
  1. ExhinenolnListen
  2. HysgeilListen
  3. TishmListen
  4. FhorjonListen
  5. Jokma 1Listen
  6. SachListen
  7. Morder JListen
  8. SimintListen
  9. WairoListen
  10. F.M00Listen
  11. ByeListen
  12. NarpadoListen
  13. DamlichtListen
  14. AmhainListen
  15. [Untitled]Listen


'..sounds displaced into a disused underground bunker, walls wet with seeping water, an earthy smell in the stale air, huge empty metallic tanks of long forgotten use ringing out in sympathy, a gloomy half-light of a cheep torch about to fail and plunge you into darkness'


Dalglish - Benacah Drann Deachd
  1. 25.6.2010Listen
  2. 8.4.2006Listen
  3. 13.6.2003Listen
  4. 3.9.2004Listen
  5. 5.8.2001Listen
  6. 30.12.2007Listen
  7. 1.7.2011Listen
  8. 7.3.2008Listen
  9. 10.7.2005Listen
  10. 7.3.2009Listen
  11. 6.8.2002Listen
In RecordLabelRecords first collaboration with Highpoint Lowlife Records and second collaboration with Chris Douglas aka Dalglish aka OST we present to you the CD version of Benacah Drann Deachd. Click here to see a full page feature in June 2011 issue of The Wire magazine. A selection from Benacah Drann Deachd was featured on the Wiretapper, a free compilation that is included with the Wire.

download/stream of '3.9.2004' in 320kbps quality (the rest of the streaming previews below are 64kbps)

"It is a tremendously complex album that many will abandon after the first try (the start, with “25.6.2010”, cosmic and sweet, doesn’t sound like it - but the electro-acoustic interpretation of Mark Fell’s idiom on “8.4.2006” does, whilst the volcanic ambient of “5.8.2001” spits out glitches as if they were burning stones). However, if you keep trying, it grows on you. In a braver world, or maybe on Mars, this would be an instant classic. Here, on the third rock from the sun, we settle for “experimental record of the year”
- Javier Blánquez of Playgroundmag

"listeners are left to piece the picture together, with only Douglas’s sonic collages as guide. As things stands, these are quite powerful triggers, from claustrophobic environments (3.9.2004, 30.12.2007, 7.3.2008) and fragmented textures (5.8.2001, 7.3.2009) to more austere (13.6.2003, 10.7.2005, 7.3.2009) and almost peaceful sequences (25.6.2010, 8.4.2006, 6.8.2002). Despite the intensely mechanical aspect of the music, their is something very organic about these tracks. In that, Benacah… is often reminiscent of Autechre, especially in how Douglas manages to generated strong emotions from such deeply electronic approach, a feat made even more striking by the overall sombre aspect of the record."
- The Milk Factory 

"Anyone who has fond memories of IDM’s heyday will get something out of this oil-spraying, machine-massaging look at what the appliances in your house do after dark. Beats get broken up into binary code, synths hits your speakers like sheets of static, and unexplained flying samples maintain a suffocating sense of dread. If someone ever figures out how to translate Philip K. Dick’s fiery prose for the screen again, this’d make a suitable soundtrack"
-Self-Titled Daily

 "This sombre, endlessly fascinating album is already set to become one of the year's cult favourites, having already earned a glowing full-page review from The Wire to sit alongside nuff props from the deep end of the electronic underground. We've been struggling to categorise it, which is praise in itself, but it's safe to say that it will appeal to fans of deepest avant-techno and hauntology alike, and of course those like us who've been dreaming of a fusion of the two. It evokes nothing so pungently as a stroll down a desolate beach with nothing but the black dog of depression for company, but at the same time there's such beauty and complexity to behold that it is, in the end, a totally life-affirming experience.. e. Dalgish puts percussion sounds to textural rather than a time-keeping use; just as you think you've identified a beat pattern it dismantles itself before your very ears and is subsumed back into the foggy, forbidding ambience from whence it came. It really is a mind-blowing trip, suggesting MR James' Whistle And I'll Come To You if soundtracked by T++, SND, Pole and Rhythm & Sound. Albums like this really don't come around very often, the kind that really mess with your sense of time, space and being. Honestly, this is one of the most intellectually engaging AND emotionally resonant works of electronic auterism we've encountered in recent times, and it comes with our highest recommendation."
- Boomkat
Dalglish - Venoyn

12" 45rpm vinyl EP mastered by Lupo of Dub Plates & Mastering limited to 350 copies in a full color matte jacket with artwork by the phenomenal visual artist Jorinde Voigt

The first ever Dalglish piece of vinyl, and the first vinyl of any Chris Douglas project since the release of 'Seimlste' in 2002 by his now deceased OST alias off Qlipothic

EP Sampler
Dalglish - Venonyn EP Sampler by Fluorescent Grey

Individual track samples coming soon, this is not a pre-order. The vinyl is here and will be shipping immediatly after order! 

Jorinde Voigt  : http://jorindevoigt.com/

Chris Douglas / OST / Dalglish  : http://amhain.net/ 

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