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Fluorescent Grey


Ambiente 3 X CD in a custom made wooden box with sliding lid. Includes 20+ art cards with original photography, drawings and paintings by Abby and Robbie Martin. This is strictly limited to 100 copies.  An extra limited edition comes with an original painting by Abby Martin, only 10 have been produced. You can choose which painting you would like out of the ones that are still availible. Important: when you place an order for the special limited edition with painting please state in your order notes which painting you want (identified by #).
Update:  All paintings have been sold, sorry for all of those waiting to order one they sold very quickly. 
but we do have about 20 of the normal edition box left as of 2/1/13. 

All sounds by Robbie Martin w/ guests: Steven Frenda, Djynxx, Sean Dimentia, Ben Vanderford, Laurie Kirchner, Brian English, Mike Dunkley & Unknown Alien Species

Disc 1: The Harmoniums Reside in the Caverns of Mercury   :  2005-2008    15 Tracks,  68:14
Disc 2: Uncanny Valley  :  2009-2011    25 Tracks,   79:35
Disc 3: Ritual at the Super Volcano  :  2012      13 Tracks,  79:39 

Early Reviews:

"Taken as a whole, one might be overwhelmed by the textured data sparks emitted from this sound sculptor—broken layers of electronics and microscopic mutations of ambience all tend to converge. Disc #1, while buried in fuzzy analog-to-digital sheets, tends to break the ice quite literally; its cold slivers of detail feel disjointed and oddly therapeutic. Atmospheric pressure balanced with a few chilled beats ease the blow to the brain. " Read More

Limited edition of 10 original paintings by Abby Martin which includes regular edition ie: 3xcd + box + art cards

35 art cards contained inside normal limited edition of 100 with wooden box

Preview of only Disc 1 & 2 

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  1. Disc1: Acoustic Barber Pole Listen
  2. Disc1: Orange WashListen
  3. Disc1: Glass Highway w/Brian EnglishListen
  4. Disc1: Smearing TonesListen
  5. Disc1: VapourwareListen
  6. Disc1: Bird's NestListen
  7. Disc1: SplatterbientListen
  8. Disc1: Jeweled FloraListen
  9. Disc1: RubberyListen
  10. Disc1: AmbienteListen
  11. Disc1: Grand Piano Wind Chime MachineListen
  12. Disc1: Piezo Electric SwarmListen
  13. Disc1: Literal Elevator MusicListen
  14. Disc1: Sorcerers w/ DJynnxListen
  15. Disc1: Ice Berg MarimbaListen
  16. Disc2: Droid MoonListen
  17. Disc2: Red Gliders / Cloud Cave Listen
  18. Disc2: Skitter EskalithListen
  19. Disc2: Harmonium LanguageListen
  20. Disc2: CarouselListen
  21. Disc2: Flute Neutrino w/ Black FuhrerListen
  22. Disc2: Incidental ChorusListen
  23. Disc2: Raspberry ArmonicaListen
  24. Disc2: Uncanny ValleyListen
  25. Disc2: Dragger ZamakListen
  26. Disc2: Nectarine Nightmare 2Listen
  27. Disc2: The Fog w/ Benjamin VanderfordListen
  28. Disc2: Glow Worms Hailing w/ Steven Frenda & Mike DunkleyListen
  29. Disc2: _____Listen
  30. Disc2: _____Listen
  31. Disc2: Ambient Arab SpringListen
  32. Disc2: Physmod Pt 1Listen
  33. Disc2: Game Over ManListen
  34. Disc2: Animatronic StockhausenListen
  35. Disc2: Harmonic WaspListen
  36. Disc2: _____Listen
  37. Disc2: Canyon RitualListen
  38. Disc2: Fireworks Prelude To Landscapes Of A Poisoned FutureListen
  39. Disc3: Are You Pregnant Fly? Or You Have Died.Listen
  40. Disc3: Templar Sulfur PoolListen
  41. Disc3: Virtual Black MassListen
  42. Disc3: EirualListen
  43. Disc3: Static PipesListen
  44. Disc3: GreydroppedListen
  45. Disc3: Farewell Arp2600Listen
  46. Disc3: Yoshi's Ambient 2 w/ Steven FrendaListen
  47. Disc3: ______Listen
  48. Disc3: ______Listen
  49. Disc3: Ritual At The Super VolcanoListen
  50. Disc3: Coon VS CoonListen
  51. Disc3: Ritual At Oscar Grant PlazaListen
Buy 3XCD w/ wooden box + art cards Price: $45.00
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