New RLR: Sote - Arrhythmia, Only Now - Only Now, Heorge Garrison, Identity Theft, Wisp, Viel, Fluorescent Grey + more May 11, 2015

New RLR Releases:

Sote - Arrhythmia (digital ) 5/25/15 

Listen to the full track 'Exciters' from Arrhythmia


Only Now - Only Now  (digital/cassette) 6/5/15 

Listen to the full track 'No Escape' from Only Now

Identity Theft - ? (digital/cassette)   7/15/15

Veil - ? (digital/cassette)  7/30/15 

Fluorescent Grey - Chamber Music: Ambiente 4 ( digital/12")  8/05/15 
Fluorescent Grey - Chamber Music: Ambiente 5 ( digital/12")  8/15/15 
Fluorescent Grey - Chamber Music: Ambiente 6 ( digital/12")  8/30/15 

Heorge Garrison - ?  (digita/12")  ?/?/15

Brian E - ? (digital/cassette) ?/?/15 

Hear previews from all upcoming releases on the L'AUSTIN SPACE out of the UK


Fluorescent Grey - Ambiente will be released digitally in February Jan 23, 2015

Fluorescent Grey - Ambiente  1, 2 and 3 will be released digitally (iTunes, Boomkat, Juno Records etc) in February! 

Ambiente 1: The Harmoniums Reside In The Caverns Of Mercury - 2/1/15
Ambiente 2: The Uncanny Valley - 2/15/15
Ambiente 3: Ritual At The Super Volcano - 2/28/15


Dalglish exclusive RLR mix Sep 12, 2013

A new exclusive RecordLabelRecords two part mix  (totaling three and a half hours) from Dalglish aka Chris Douglas has arrived.  Digital release of the new Dalglish 12" 'Venoyn' will be released next week! All people who ordered the vinyl will recieve free of charge the digital delivery. 

Part 1

Part 2

"I wanted to make a mix of non-electronic of songs that I have enjoyed and are dear to me. In a time when electronic music seems to be becoming some sort of startup with very nasty ties, I try to remind myself of this less exploited time of music. No bloated overrated egomaniacs. (Fuck these Enya tribute bands. Arpeggio reliant Moles. Are you kidding me?) least lot of talent was there.

A time when people loved what they did and were tested to show their integrity with perseverance and skill--long gone those days.
It's mostly to remind myself that I still love music regardless of how much I am almost destroyed by the utter shit out there, rising more and more daily.No complex techniques, no wank worthiness, just plain and simple delivery.

Please enjoy like you're hanging out with your mates having a bevy."

C Douglas 
2013 Berlin


Dalglish interview & Venoyn 12" EP Out Now! Jun 30, 2013

the Dalglish Venoyn 12" EP is now here! We appreciate the patience of everyone who has pre-ordered, and those who have been waiting who have placed a pre-order will recieve an additional record or CD of their choice upon delivery. Click the release title above to hear samples and order your copy. 

Dalglish - Venoyn 
EP sampler
Dalglish - Venonyn EP Sampler 


Release Party for Thomas Dimuzio & Fluorescent Grey + Nommo Ogo Remix album Feb 28, 2013

Thomas Dimuzio & Fluorescent Grey Release Party in Oakland, Friday, March 1st
Thomas Dimuzio performs on a modular synth rig to celebrate his new album on RecordLabelRecords with Voice of Eye, titled 'The Unveiling of Darkness'.  Fluorescent Grey performs a set to compliment his newest release, Ambiente. They will be joined by Scott Arford (Total Accomplishment, Red Lodge, Radiosonde) and Veil (with members of Squirm and Premortem Rigomortus) 


Nommo Ogo - Dreamless End
A free digital only remix album featuring songs from Endless Dream re-worked and mangled by the likes of Xanopticon, Scott Arford, Exillon, Fluorescent Grey and many others. Free Download / Stream here or below

New reviews in & Ultra limited Dimuzio/VOE vinyl Feb 26, 2013

New special editions: 

Thomas Dimuzio/Voice of Eye - The Unveiling of Darkness
will be coming soon as a limited edition of 10 2xlate-cut clear 12" vinyl. More information and pre-order links coming soon. If you would like to purchase one please e-mail us directly for now. 

New reviews in: 

Thomas Dimuzio/Voice of Eye The Unveiling of Darness
RedVenice Review 
"The album is wholly a dangerous peice, deceiving in its opening sooth and dark ambience whiles that soon escape you into the deep recess of calm. The day I have had I dont want to wake up. This has aided in that."

Nommo Ogo - Endless Dream
RedVenice Review
"sound akin to psychedelic noise, that there are midnight forest gigs where this music is played, that hooded human forms dance through the crowd and add to the disorientation. Piss, blood and shit in the snow, pills against the full moon, the harsh light off the snow….could be an amazing experience, not just a gig. "

 Fluorescent Grey - Ambiente 
DecayCast Review
"Glowing sounds pulse through the eyelids giving birth to new pings of decay – a slow machine waking up throughout the mix, while possessing a similarly cold theme of a distant consciousness being resurrected through sonic transmissions."

NormanRecords Review
"a remarkable achievement and demonstrates Robbie's dedication to, and true love of electronic music. 'Ambiente' challenges our perception of sound and is a fictional glimpse of the sonic possibilities of distant worlds, their landscapes, and inhabitants  as well as an astute study of the sonics and lifeforms of our own planet; from a squawking chick to a girl talking about throwing up. Highly recommended for true electronic music connoisseurs."

Album of the Week at Norman Records


Updates Feb 26, 2013

One of our biggest musical/artist influences here at RecordLabelRecords, the one and only :zoviet*france: on their 'A Duck in a Tree' podcast plays another fluorescent grey track from Ambiente 
on the episode: 'Bound Down Far Away' broadcast on 16 February 2013. Download/Stream 

track list
01 Controlled Bleeding - [title unknown - ‘Scourging Ground’ [demo] track 3] 02 Pink Floyd - Breathe Reprise PEDAL STEEL 03 Fluorescent Grey - Splatterbient 04 The Alaska None - Cafe Oto Solo Jan '1305 Findlay Hunter Rennie - Passeig de Gracia 06 [unknown sound recordist / BBC] - Elevator 6 Floors07 Tribal Drift - Are You a Pulsar Twinkling in the Jigsaw of Creation? [extract] 08 Ortiz - A Hungry Ghost Ain't Got No Love 09 [unknown sound recordist] - Series of Explosions 10 [unknown sound recordist] - Volcano of Tanna Island (Melanesia) 11 The Hearing Trumpet - Gospel Redux 12 Ben Ponton - Dos Delaal [beta 3.0] 13 Lawrence Shove - Quail 14 Ilpo Väisänen - 0'51" 15 Cristal - Herrevad 16 Jim Lusted - Ascension

Previous 'A Duck in a Tree' podcast episode which played tracks from Fluorescent Grey Ambiente and Thomas Dimzuio/Voice of Eye's The Unveiling of Darkness on the episode 'Deep Summer Light, Deeper At Night' broadcast on 09 February 2013. Download / Stream 

01 Volta Laboratory Associates - Example1-Green-p93 02 John Rushton - Autoplay 03 Perlon - Terlenka [extract] 04 [unknown sound recordist / BBC] - Garganey 05 Heimir Björgülfsson - untitled [‘The Opposite’ track 3] 06 :zoviet*france: - untitled [17/18.08.87 track B01] 07 Jack Finlay, Douglas Grindstaff, Joseph Sorokin - Romulan Ship Interior 08 Fluorescent Grey with Candle Labra - Draggar Zamak 09 Landcrash - Verbena Reaches for the Sky 10 R.Y.N. - Provisonal Sketch of the Mind 11 Sigur Rós - Sidasta Ferd [undrcvr unofficial remix] 12 Fluorescent Grey - Birdemic 13 Voice of Eye / Thomas Dimuzio - Triton 14 In Be Tween Noise - Meditation on the Memory of a Theme by Purcell

Follow :zoviet*france: on their excellent highly recommended ambient/found-sound/weird music podcast 'A Duck in a Tree' which airs and is podcasted every week online.
:zoviet*france: on mixcloud (stream & follow) 
:zoviet*france: on podbean (download previous archives)
:zoviet*france: on soundcloud (unreleased & live ZF recordings)
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 Our pals at Igloo-Mag had this to say about 'A Duck in a Tree' 


3 new RLR releases shipping now Feb 01, 2013

- Fluorescent Grey's Ambiente, Nommo Ogo's Endless Dream and Voice of Eye/Thomas Dimuzio's Unveiling of Darkness are all shipping now from our site and

- For all euro or UK customers we recommend buying from norman to avoid our new absurd USPS shipping rate spike for all international parcels. Normally it costs us $8-10 to send out a record or CD overseas, it jumped to $12-20 last week. 

- Ant of Norman Records has written a very in depth review of Fluorescent Grey's Ambiente that we recommend checking out here
- ALL paintings by Abby Martin for the ultra limited edition of Ambiente have been sold. At the moment we have only about 20 boxes left of our stock to send out, Norman has about 20 more which should be availible within the week. 

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